Sleep Awareness Week 2023

It’s time to cuddle up and get some rest during this year’s Sleep Awareness Week, which runs from March 13 to March 19. You deserve it! You probably don’t allow yourself to get enough sleep, admit it. It’s not your fault. You owe it to yourself this March to work the additional hours you really need. The National Sleep Foundation founded this yearly celebration with the goal of encouraging greater sleep as a means of enhancing general health and wellbeing.


It is a well-known truth that your total physical and mental health are strongly correlated with your sleep patterns. Sleep Awareness Week activities, which were established by the National Sleep Foundation in 1998, start at the beginning of daylight saving time when The average American misses one hour of sleep. The start of daylight saving time serves as a reminder to make positive improvements to our sleep habits. The National Sleep Foundation reports that 45% of Americans claim that, at least once over the previous seven days, their everyday activities were impacted by poor or insufficient sleep. The objective is to highlight the advantages of restful, healthy sleep, raise awareness of the burden of sleep issues, and promote the prevention and treatment of sleep disorders.

Drowsiness has the ability to slow reaction time as much as driving drunk. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that fatigue is a cause of In the United States, there are 100,000 traffic accidents and 1,550 fatalities every year.

According to studies, sleep deprivation and poor quality are also factors in workplace accidents and injuries. According to a study, employees who reported being excessively sleepy during the day experienced significantly more workplace accidents, especially those that occurred more than once. Per accident, they also accrued more sick days. It is essential to both thinking and learning. Lack of sleep affects memory, concentration, reasoning, problem-solving, and learning in a variety of ways.

Last but not least, lack of sleep seriously harms your cardiovascular health and increases your risk for several potentially fatal diseases. Therefore, be careful to give yourself the time to relax for the sake of your own safety and the protection of others. furthermore, in the event that you can, there is no preferable time over the present!