Handsel Monday-the first Monday after New Year’s Day

Handsel Monday, the main Monday after New Year’s Day, is an exceptional festival in Scotland where the expert or escort gives little gifts to their workers. In numerous families, fathers or moms likewise give gifts to youngsters on this day. Did you have any idea that the word ‘Handsel’ signifies ‘to convey into the hand’? Yet, this day isn’t just about giving gifts to workers and youngsters — each gift given holds critical importance. Giving cash on this day is said to bring money-related karma until the end of the year. Nonetheless, on the off chance that the gift isn’t cash, the article ought not to be sharp. We should find out more.


The country of Scotland has been observing Handsel Monday for over 500 years as the extraordinary winter occasion of the year. In Scotland, this custom is for the most part followed by the provincial populace of the nation where they give gifts to workers or their kids as a badge of best of luck. You can likewise give gifts to vs or somebody you owe an obligation of appreciation to or somebody you’re grateful for. The gift could be anything from cash to a container of liquor. Giving somebody a piece of silver like a silver coin or silver trimmings and things is said to bring ensured the best of luck until the end of the year.

Auld Handsel Meaning was generally celebrated on the principal Monday after the old New Year — the Monday that comes after January 12. However, as years passed, it moved to the principal Monday of the New Year. In fact, Handsel Monday, or Hansel Monday, is a custom that mirrors the change from the old Julian schedule to the new Gregorian schedule.

Be that as it may, after some time the practice of Handsel Monday has blurred and relatively few individuals celebrate it now. Thus, this Handsel Monday, why not give a gift to somebody you’re grateful for and make your own karma?

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